The Letter of Wishes App is a unique way to document your wishes with ease, and support those difficult conversations whilst encouraging carbon reduction.


App Features

The Letter of Wishes App allows you to create a free Wishes Bucket List which provides you with a way of declaring life goals, ambitions, activities or experiences, and share them in the same way you can with a Letter of Wishes.


A one-off purchase of the Letter within the App gives you unlimited lifetime access to create and edit your wishes. Similarly, those you invite to view your wishes are able to share their comments, pictures, and connect via messaging at any time.


To ensure the App has a small digital footprint, it has been designed to be a small file install with low data requirements and the Letter and Wishes document size itself is small too.


Letter of Wishes always strives to provide a sympathetic, hassle-free and secure service. We seek to reduce carbon output where possible and are always looking to improve the App. 


A web version of LofW, fully compatible with the App, is also available for anyone without access to a smartphone or tablet:, or Apple Apps Store or Google Apps Store.

Your Digital Legacy

In the same way that you will instinctively consider what you want to happen to your physical belongings after you die, you may also want to consider what happens to your online presence and data assets.


The LofW App allows you to specify what you want to happen to your 'digital footprint‘. You may want to keep it in existence indefinitely, delete it, or  'memorialise' some elements of your social media. Family and friends can continue to view and interact with your digital profile as part of their celebration and remembrance of you.


Due to the energy consumed by data centres in servicing online accounts, you may also want to consider the carbon footprint implications of retaining a digital presence when making this decision.


The LofW App helps you assess the likely carbon footprint of the data you leave behind, offering guidance on how your family, friends, or executors can manage, close down, or reduce your digital footprint in accordance with your wishes.

Your Personal Digital Devices

The UK's laws of succession assume that, in the absence of any other instructions, when you pass away, ownership of your belongings is transferred to your legal next of kin.


The LofW App allows you to specify if you would like ownership of your personal digital devices (your computer, mobile phone, tablet, camera) to be transferred to somebody else, for example, a partner, friend or loved one who is not your legal next of kin.

The Letter of Wishes App