Our Approach

At Letter of Wishes, we recognise that talking about death can be difficult and we want to help change that. 


We think the social but private functionality of a digital app can help you informally discuss what might feel like a tough topic, safely and honestly.


The LofW App not only allows you to make a formal record of your wishes but, uniquely, to share and discuss those wishes with whomever you choose, making the conversation easier for everyone, at any time during our lives.


When creating your Letter of Wishes, be aware it is not legally binding, but does guide your, family, friends, next of kin, or trustees on what to do as long as it doesn’t conflict with your Will.


By sharing your Letter of Wishes through the app, your executors can then ensure your personal wishes are carried out. The Letter allows you to state more detailed information that may not or cannot be included in your Will such as what happens to your pets, animals, or specific objects of interest.


The LofW App allows you to express your directions on how to be celebrated and remembered. You can state what happens to your digital footprint such as online accounts, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn including your personal digital devices.